a mansion built 31 container

There are many ways you can build a
There are many ways you can build a house, but what they did with 31 shipping containers is beyond words!

Wonderful house made of a container 31.
When it comes to home made binoculars, imagination immediately draws something small and compact. Architect in Australia decided to break this stereotype and presented luxurious three-story house of 31 containers.

House project from the containers Todd Miller architect.
Todd Miller of Architects Agency Zeliger BuileHan is the author of the House of Reserves, located near the city of Brisbane (Australia). The architect decided not to be penny wise and full house 31 container. Corrugated sheet and wide painted glass in perfect harmony with each other and form a stylish design.

The refuge area of ​​550 square containers. meter.

The elegant design of the housing of the container.
The total area of ​​the house was 550 square meters. This area is a living room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen with dining room, office, workshop, gym.

Elegant bathroom and the house of the containers.
No less interesting house of the containers presented architects Danish Arcgency Bureau. Construction technology is so simple and efficient that its construction takes very little time.

The Manor, built of 31 containers.

Kitchen and dining area.
Needless to say, for optimum operation of the house is equipped with a "smart" and "green" technique. The cost of the house of the containers is $ 1.55 million.