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Lok Ranch Trailer Home – home of an aluminum trailer.
To the west, a very popular live in trailers. As a rule, quite tight in these small trolleys. An American does not change "tradition" and is also using an aluminum trailer like a home. However, the following tower, carport and terrace seemed to be made of a vintage trailer cabin.

The original home of the trailer in Texas.
Along the banks of the Nueces (Texas) River, the original home Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home, from which, at the request of the owner, was 20 meters aluminum trailer. It is mounted on a platform of wood mounted on concrete piles. In addition, the architects added two chapels and glass walls. The result became a beautiful porch.

Terrace in front of the house, made by the trailer.

Vintage residential trailer. Interior.
Inside the trailer has undergone extensive review: rotten pine floors and panels have been replaced by natural bamboo. Sam trailer refers to the 1950s, so it was decided to make the interior retro style of these times.

Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home. Bathroom.

Lok Ranch Trailer Home – the original home of the river.
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Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home. Bedroom.
The area of ​​the trailer is 28 square meters. This space is enough for placement inside the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Another room and a bathroom to stand next to a concrete tower.