a new collection of stylish furniture

Demonstration of a new collection of Federica Capitani was presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan and today we want to introduce you to this furniture in a minimalist style.

To produce interesting ADESSO designs combined light line with everyday comfort that would satisfy the needs of the modern user for a comfortable arrangement of the fresh air.

The result is a kind of pressure and resilient and durable structure creates a suitable elasticity, where the customer will feel comfortable and simple.

Along with chairs included in the table and ottoman, ottoman, in the individual headset is used a similar model of chairs and bar stools.

Kit can create according to your taste, you not only get easy to arrange a terrace, but also to create a colorful image, combine multiple shades in a picture.

In terms of colors, the designer has created the most varied collection of original furniture, containing the most popular colors, from light to classic.

The construction consists of environmentally friendly materials. The structure is made of aluminum profile, it is preferable because of the properties: low weight, but durable, good for garden furniture.