a paradise for relaxation 25 stunning ideas for decorating pond in garden

either when our yard is decorated with so many kids' toys or for the cabin :o)

An Oasis for Relaxation: 25 amazing design ideas in the garden dams
Damm in the garden or back yard girst of beauty and tranquility. Its main task – to show the beautiful water plants, but in large reservoirs can start and fish like carp. We offer 25 exciting ideas that help create an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

The large pond in the back yard covered with plates that form the patio.

Small pond with a small fountain. Thick grass and different figures adorn the stone beach of the reservoir.

Japanese garden with stone lantern and a figure of a hedge on the beach.

The entire structure is limited by large rock blocks, between which the grass grows

The design includes artificial reservoir-wide different elements to help fit them in a landscape garden or farm. This and fountains and statues and waterfalls and stone blocks. Some have amazing lighting, unique trim and even currents, which only increase interest in the pond.

Not all plants are suitable for growing artificial dust. In many ways, their choices are determined by the depth and size of the reservoir. Plants are divided into three groups: immersed in water polupogruzhёnnye and floating on the surface. Embedded – a species that lives underwater, some of them leaves and flowers drawn to the surface, such as lilies. They are called oxygenators because they produce acid for the fish in the pond. In the polupogruzhёnnyh plants roots just below the water. This iris, lotus flower, cloverdun, sausage. The third type of liquid plants is not in any way tied to the ground. The artificial reservoirs and are often used to inhibit the growth of algae.

Water in the garden

A large pond with waterfalls

A small pond with fountain

A small but deep dust with a fountain, like on the surface ripples. Round stones on the edge form the beach. Around planted green plants and daisy.

A small pond in the garden

The dam of a Japanese garden

Excellent dust in the garden with amazing Japanese maples, flowering shrubs and thick grass. In the big simdamm carp.

Simple dust with a small fountain

Simple pond with a small fountain surrounded by rocks. Around planted daylily and other plants. On the shelf is a metal figure of a hedge.

Small dust has waterfalls built into the stone wall. The banks in the pond are connected by a narrow wooden bridge.

Small dust with a waterfall

Easy watering with some fish and lilies. But along the whole structure is provided with some small cascades.

Watercourses with fish

Large dust in the Japanese garden with thick grass grows on its coast. In water, live carp.

Circular dust in the garden in the middle of the lawn. Flower pots with daffodils arranged around its perimeter.

Dust with waterfalls

For more natural looking dust ladder leads tiled. In the bulk of water it flows into a waterfall.

Dust with a large waterfall

The center of gravity in this case is placed on a large waterfall ending in a small ground pond.