a rug can transform interior a bathroom and washroom 5 practical tips and 15 adorable examples

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Why do I need a carpet in the bathroom and the bathroom?

Many are hesitant to decorate the inside bathroom or bath mat room. Some consider it not practical, but in fact, such an accessory can change not only space, but also make a visit to the wet zone more comfortable and pleasant.

Cozy carpet in the interior bathroom

Unusual bath food

The bright carpet in the interior bathroom
An important role in creating a comfortable environment is the choice of the right material for the carpet. Today the carpets are made of: • Cotton. This material is very comfortable to take, completely natural and does not cause allergic reactions. However, it should be washed frequently and dry than synthetic counterparts, to avoid accumulation of bacteria and decay. • Acrylic. The material has a large number of colors, and is treated with special agents that prevent the growth of bacteria. • Microfiber. For easy maintenance, does not mean fading or changing color after some time, and it is not formed on the pellet. • Rubber. Such variations are well suited for showers, where the humidity is much better. • Bamboo. These carpets will last longer than cotton products. They are environmentally friendly, a nice touch to them and they can create a comfortable atmosphere in the interior.

The clean food in the bathroom
The base carpet is no less important meadow material consisting of the product. So, the most cost-effective options are often the basis for the entire rubber. This is not good, because these rugs do not absorb moisture and not "breathe". Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the model where the base is made of latex. This material prevents the development of fungi and bacteria.

Carpet in an internal bathroom

Pad as an accent paint

Carpet in the form of sea pebbles

The elegant design of the bathroom

Carpet with a dynamic pattern
If the room is too narrow, the floor mat suitable decoration with horizontal stripes that visually make the room look wider.

Striped mat bold colors
Disadvantages plan can be hidden by a light accessory. He will perform spot color and reduce the disadvantages.

Game of contrasts
Do not be afraid of the contrast, which often the carpet, which differs in color from the floor, looks very impressive and juicy. He makes a space interesting and creative.

Pad always satisfied with its appearance, behind it requires constant care. Variants of rubber, silicone, and vinyl are easy to wash and wipe them should be at moderate temperatures. Acrylic and cotton rugs can be washed with a soft powder in the washing machine. Thus, it is necessary to choose the sensitive cycle and low water temperature so that after washing the product does not lose its appealing appearance. They can also be vacuum cleaned or shake out to wipe on the balcony.

The carpet can change bathroom furnishings

Food as part of bathroom furnishings
The bathrooms do not only refuse from often sleeping, but also on side tables. But in fact, this furniture can significantly change the interior and make it more functional. To check this, we have found 30 great examples, after which you want to put in the bathroom side tables.