abandoned historic homes that you can buy at a very fair price

Crumbling Mansions for Under $100,000

Abandoned historic houses, offered at a reasonable price.
In the abandoned real estate – unusual houses and industrial buildings to fine old mansions, mansions and hotels – something attractive and attractive. In our review of seven historic buildings, currently offered for sale, purchasing these unique historical items can be a very attractive price.

Cost: $ 799,000

Naval Hospital.
The former hospital is located on a high hillside forest, and the river flows straight in front of him. Building space of 585 square meters has a magnificent staircase, brick trim, large rooms and high ceilings, but he needs complete reconstruction.

The new hospital.
The construction of the hospital, which was intended for treating patients with seamen, began in 1857. and ended in 1860.

Then the building costs $ 43 430. The construction of the hospital is completely brick, and the wall thickness is 60 cm.

Detail of a ladder.
The hospital was closed in 1865, because its contents are too expensive

In the following years, the school pipes in the hospital building.

Postcard with the image of the hospital.

Cost: $ 10,000

Lighthouse Miah Maull.
Those who want to wake up in the fresh sea air and watch the waves from the window, probably interested in acquiring the guy.

lighthouse staircase.
Miah Maull is on the shelf of Cumberland County, New Jersey in Delaware Bay. The nearest city – the Jersey New Dawn.

Interior trehtazhnoy tower.
The lighthouse was built in 1913 and consists of a castor's 13 foot conical tower red bashnyu.Interer trehtazhnoy as brick.

Lighthouse window.

Cost: $ 1

The House of Thomas Benton Jacob is a lightweight example of a building that people built "only for themselves." Now the house, built in 1864, is for sale for only $ 1 on condition that he would be moved to a new location.

In the neighborhood there are two places worth $ 89,900. The estimated cost of moving the structure to a new location is $ 30,000. The house has an area of ​​318 square meters and has 9 rooms and two bathrooms. We retained most of the original architectural details, including original wood outdoor stairs to the second floor and parquet floors.

The building has retained the original architectural details and sculptured figures, and major repairs of the roof were made in 2008. Approximate theater area – 510 square meters.

Cost: $ 80,000.

Martinique Cottage.
This classic two-story cabin by the beach belonged to the same family for seven generations. It was built in the 1750s.

Cottage Martinique front.
There are still double brick chimneys, two-level porch and shelf-protective shade roofs. Wing, surgery and smoke were dismantled and carefully preserved for future recovery.

House Judge.
Previously in the cottage we lived the Supreme Court of North Carolina, John Wallace Vinborn in 1884-1966, respectively, and Allen Parker 1838-1906 years.


Under the terms of sale the house should be moved to a new location and completely restored.

The house is ready to move.

The Colonial Hotel opened in January 1904 the largest and most elegant hotel in southern Somerset. The main visitors are the miners who come to town for the weekend, as well as artists, staying on their way to Baltimore and Ohio. The hotel worked until the 1970s.

Old hotel lobby.

Menu Hotel 1910 ..

The construction of the hotel.
The hotel, as approximately 1185 square meters, was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The opening of the hotel.

Price: $ 429,000

Jones Memorial Library.
One such opportunity is given once in a lifetime: to buy a large building in neo-classical style in the city center.

The area of ​​the former city library is 1580 square meters.

The house was built in neo-classical style by the Renaissance in 1906.

Fantastic view.
It offers panoramic views of the historic center of Lynchburg.

Postcard with view library.

A perfect solution for the repair of these houses will be 20 double sided fireplace ideas to create luxurious interiors. Original ideas make it possible to radically change the atmosphere of the house.