abode in wilderness 5 houses located among barren space

Newfoundland & Labrador Traveller's Guide 2017 by Newfoundland
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Staggering Residence in Mojaveöknen.
It's amazing how people can go a long way, just to be alone with themselves and nature. Some lodges in the woods, the other islands of the sea, and the third, and all – in the desert. This review presents five houses that fit into a lifeless landscape.

The house, more like a fortress.

Inside, the house resembles an oasis in the desert.
Wonderful houses are located in the Sonora Desert (StateArizona, USA). He seemed to mingle with the surrounding landscape. Outside, the house looks like a fortress: sheets of steel and bronze protect the houses from erosion. Protected outside empty walls, inside the house was built around the tree and resembling an oasis.

BLUESKY Home – energy efficient houses in Mojaveöknen.

BLUESKY Home – a house that you can collect up to 8 weeks.
BLUESKY Home – This is a house of 92 square meters. meter, located in Mojaveöknen. When assembled on the manufacturer only takes eight weeks, in addition to this project can easily be adapted to different types of terrain. A large number of solar panels provide a full home of electricity, heating and hot water.

High Desert Residence – house in the desert.

High Desert Boning – project from architectural acid design.
This home High Desert residence is located on the edge of the National Park Capitol National Park in Utah, USA. Residence consists of three separate units: the main building, garage and guest house. The two buildings have an L-shape with a roofed roof. Building exterior covered with sheets kortenovoy steel.

The Black House – a black house in the Yucca Valley.

Inner rooms are made in dark colors in contrast to the bright accent panoramic views from the windows.
Among the stone blocks in the desert, the Yucca Valley is the tallest one that is not at Black House (The Black House). Because of the difficult terrain developer took more than a year, just to correctly calculate the location of all utilities, parking, easily accessible vehicles. The house is located during the break. On the corner the living room offers a spectacular view of the valley. To balance a light accent, the interior has been done in black tones.

Staggering Residence in Mojaveöknen.

Stunning Residence – Surreal villa in the middle of the desert.
Among the rocky terrain in the desert Joshua TreeMojave "lost" amazing villa's amazing Residence. Its surrealist structure is embodied in the life of architect Kendrick bangs. The interior of the house was at least surprising, but they were in perfect harmony with each other. And although the villa has more than a quarter of a century, its unusual form of relevant and interesting to this day. In the desert you will find not only luxury villas, but also something that is interesting. So in California's Mojave Desert is a real indoor pool.