accent wall interior 10 cozy and stylish solutions for bedroom

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Here, a teal accent wall provides a foundation that gives modern light fixtures and architectural furnishings alike

Accent the wall in the interior of a bedroom

Can I make a comfortable seating and a dynamic session? How to divert attention to the size of the room and its shortcomings with simple visual techniques? What is required for the bedroom to be nice? All of these questions can be solved using an interesting technique and simple design – in the focus of a wall. We have collected the 10 most successful interiors where it is applied.

Accentuate suitable 3D panels and tiles
A bold experiment – oblitsevat tile or wall3D panels. Here you can play with the size of the pattern, their placement on the wall. This technique conceals imperfections and shortcomings, but also affects the visual perception of space as a whole. Square shapes and patterns to visually make a more proportional narrow rectangular space.

Combined options: wallpaper and wood slabs
The most common accent wall is made with auxiliary loss or color. But much more interesting to look at options in combination, for example, wallpaper and wooden planks. Light wood successfully combined with rich shades of blue. This option is ideal for the room of a teenage boy.

Plywood – modern, stylish and practical!
In recent years, a large plywood population has won among furniture manufacturers, architects and interior designers. On it should also pay attention when creating accent wall. For this purpose, the product is suitable for birch, as it is this tabs have a pleasing appearance and comfortable texture. The suitability of the wall in such a plan will be in the Nordic region and ecological style.

Gold accent the wall
Gold is in a small amount can make interior. Accent on that attention should choose a neutral background for the rest of the walls. It can be white, beige or ivory. In order not to overload the space, the accent wall is also diluted light tone. Donate gold inclusions are possible using gold plated accessories, vases and lamps.

Brick wall in the interior of a bedroom
Masonry in good condition – a real gift for those who want to accentuate the wall in the interior of a bedroom. Such a wall would look good in an attic style and Scandinavian style. At the same time the rest of the wall is better to paint in a neutral shade.

Bright and fresh bedroom furnishings
If there is a desire to make the interior as much as possible, full of unusual and, in this case, the experiments with bright colors and large shapes will come true. Fresh space with the ability to peach and mint shades, they are well combined with each other. As binder colors can appear rich green, terracotta and turquoise. One thing to remember: Large prints and drawings on the walls will not make the room visually bigger.

Focus on a wall can be done through posters, paintings or photographs. To make the interior a dynamic and space to provide further perspective, it is necessary to use geometric patterns cool colors.

The dynamic focus

Mirror accent the wall

By the way, the mirror can be a real helper when working on a small interior. There are some tricks that can help visually change the space the better.