alternative car multifunctional gazebox

Revolutionary Alternative to Parking Your Car: The Multifunctional
Revolutionary Alternative to Parking Your Car: The Multifunctional Gazebox (Fres Home)

Alternative car garage: multi Gazebox
Gazebox – great opportunity owner modern and elegant car to show it in all its shine. This is an interesting alternative to a canopy that protects cars from sun, rain, snow, birds, easy to twist if necessary gazebo or garage.

Alternative colors Gazebox

Alternative colors Gazebox

Black color variant



White transparent garage

The Italian company offers an excellent conceptParking: carport, garage and gazebo – three in one. The tax system allows motorists to show off their iron friend thanks to the transparency of the material being used. Special polycarbonate panels allow protection against sun, rain, wind, hail, birds and pets.

In addition to being easy to install and Gazebox fast, the manufacturer offers customers the opportunity to choose a suitable model. First, the choice of colors allows you to fit the design of the garden landscape or farm. It is also possible to order fan, air conditioning, alarm, solar panels.

lighting at night

Remote control panel

Relaxation house for relaxation

If the vehicle is no longer active, thank you family for outdoor relaxation.