an alternative concrete and brick luxury mansion from simple containers

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«Old Lady House» – the manor of the container.
Many believe that the containers are only suitable for putting them as houses for suburban areas. But in warm-air countries, all mansions are built, nothing worse homes made of concrete or brick. In addition, the construction of homeowners costs a lot cheaper and faster.

Responsible architect Adam Kalkin.
American architect Adam Kalkin offerings and housing design based on the containers. According to himself, one of his most successful projects, houses were a funny name, "Old Lady House". But looking at this structure is hard to say that it has in common with the house of the old woman.

The manor, built by containers.
The house is divided into two structures. The basis for each of them is tied together in a container long and two-high. Side holes are replaced with glass frames, which perform the function of windows.

«Old Lady House». Kitchen and living room.
The special pride architect is the nearly 4 meter kitchen bar. The home team will be happy to prepare such a surface while admiring forest landscapes from the window. Longer kitchens are a recreation area. Two large sofas are placed between decorative fireplace. All furnishings are arranged compactly and efficiently.

Containers have become the foundation of the house.

«Old Lady House». Bedroom.
At the entrance to the house, it is not clear what he actually did. Rail corrugation hidden behind sheets of plasterboard, poured concrete floors, exposed beams and stainless steel ceilings. Some doors are made of mahogany.

«Old Lady House» – a cozy mansion of the containers.
Despite the fact that the home of the containers is the worst in warm countries, an enthusiast has built a house here in Canada. It was shown that in the house of the containers can easily survive the winter with temperatures down to – 42 degrees Celsius.