apartment milan 28 m2 happiness for bachelor

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Apartment Halldis Apart Brera, Milan, Italy

Apartment in Milan: 28 m2 happiness for a bachelor's degree
The smaller apartment, the more you need creativity and imagination, find more original solutions and come with a functional interior for a bachelor. Designers Milan studio perfectly done the task.

The bed in unfit condition

Put folded hides on the bottom wall of the tray

Plenty of space in the apartment

Output to the balcony

Designers StudioWOK worked on a project to decorate a small apartment in Milan. 28 square meters – it's not a lot if you want to find a place for bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen and bathroom. However, experts have succeeded. Now is quite a bachelor apartment. The apartment has completely changed thanks to custom-made furniture from the plywood wall that hides a folding bed, wardrobe, air conditioning, and on the sides of the entrance to the bathroom and the kitchen.

This approach allowed us to use the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoccasional space, passing the living room and dining room, just enough to make magic with two active wooden walls. The most soft sofa on wheels at the right time is hidden in the bottom of the wall, and there is a folding dining table. Very reasonable solution for small apartments, each centimeter counting.

Kitchen and bathroom in blue and white