apartment room 15 square meters taiwan

A Little Design creates 22m2 apartment in Taiwan

Small apartment for two sisters

How do I put the kitchen in a small room, dining room, living room, living room and walk-in closet? This famous designers from Taiwan bought apartments, the area does not exceed 15 square meters. They could develop an attractive and highly functional design.

Using plywood can cool zone-spaced space

Plywood looks into the interior of stylish and concise

elegant decor

Accessories in Scandinavian style
And as the main finishing material, textured plywood, also served as a basis for superlёgkoy and functional furniture. a choice made for several reasons – to save, from aesthetic point of view and from practical considerations. Plywood looks incredibly stylish and fits perfectly into the interior, but also allows zone.

The apartment has two young girls living
In the small apartment I live two sisters as simple and concise solutions. For help in interior design, they turned to experts from Folk Design, who came up with a lot of ergonomic solutions.

Top of the kitchen

Harmonic and beautiful interior
The space in this apartment is visually clear. It is divided into specific areas that are not in conflict with each other. If desired, all furniture can change and adapt to the needs of the owners of the apartment. This is the "intelligent design", which, like so many, writes trendy furnishing magazines.

The big advantage of this interior is windows
In addition, you should pay attention to other functional solutions used in this malogabaritki. Girls are lucky that the apartment has high ceilings, it is possible to use the space vertically. In addition, it provided the opportunity to host built-in lamps and diversify lighting.

In the kitchen
A particular focus would be desirable to do in the toilet room where placed a compact bath. To increase it use quite wide wall cabinet with mirror door space. In it managed to hide all the hygiene.

bedroom area
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