arch house affordable housing costs from 1000

ARCH housing - A Regional Coalition for Housing
The ARCH Housing Trust Fund was created to allow local cities to pool their resources to provide affordable housing that is distributed throughout the East

Arch house costs $ 1000.
Very often, look at directory properties, we can not help sighing, realize that it can not afford it. Alternative to expensive housing offers a company specialized in the construction of arched buildings. Such homes are designed very quickly, thus varying their price range from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.

Vavda Cabins firm Arch House.
Arched cabins The company is active in the development and building of arch buildings of galvanized steel. The standard kit that can be purchased for the construction of such housing includes floor tiles, the frame of the arches, the insulation material 13 mm thick (thickness of the cold weather may be 25 mm) and panels for seat roof with all the fasteners.

Arched House – an alternative to expensive buildings.
The dimensions of these homes vary from arc3,7h7 meters and upwards 4,5h10 meters. Corrugated sideways buildings designed for hard wind and snow pressure (13 kg per 1 sq.m.). Developers claim that this is no ordinary metal canopy that will bend on first snowfall.

Arch House Price ranges between 1000 and 5000 dollars.
Another cheap alternative to brick home – is a container. 7 homes available, worth up to $ 2000 will show you how to build your home in a container.

Examples of arched furnishings in the house.

Arch House. Interior.
These arched structures can be used not only as homes but also shops, nursing homes, garages. Cost-vaulted homes range from $ 1000 and up to $ 5000.