Are high heeled shoes just a modern, less severe, version of bound feet?


High heels can be worn as desired and with dimensions and care they do not give permanent changes to the feet. Some women are basically ruthless with their shoes choice as some other people are doing their activities like playing sports or running. Some of these things can lead to damage but there is no security.

I have had high heels sometimes for over 30 years so far, and my feet are still wonderful and healthy without hammers tears, bunions, etc. My mother had unmarked, healthy, beautiful feet for her endless deaths from cancer in her early thirties although they grew up at a time when heels were often used six to seven days a week if women left their homes. She used to go barefoot or just wear socks in her home that used to be seen down in the United States. I grew up the same way, so my feet, legs and back can still take a break because I vary shoe shelf and go barefoot at home or near natural hours of the day. I think my mom varies her shoes and strengthens her feet by leaving them because nature made them too much of every day, probably helping her maintain balance with healthy feet despite the occasional high-heeled shoes.