Are Steve Madden heels comfortable?

I love high heels and I have a wardrobe full of High Heels shoes and let me tell you, the only brand I have the most shoes is "Steve Madden" … I love Steve Madden shoes, because I think they are a very good balance of quality, comfort and price. The brand has some sexy styles in high heels and I love it for the sexiness. I can buy a SM shoe without even trying as I know the size 41 fits me perfectly and no matter how high the heel is, I could wear them all day … !!! Are they the best … NO not really the best … I have shoes from LV, GUCCI, CL and Jimmy Choos … but I can't buy all the shoes I like there as they are seriously expensive and I can only buy them when I have money. But again, they are the best shoes, IMHO, no, because they are not the most comfortable.

What is a comfortable shoe for me … I can say, SM, ALDO, CIS, NW, JS, CL … I try them and usually I think they are comfortable for a long walk or full day wear. Most of the following heels are very comfortable for me … !!! What is common in them all … ??? all are high heels and everyone has a platform that helps me a lot.