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From the basement to making a large and bright apartment in a Victorian style
Designer Lisette Woot reconstructed the apartment on the first floor of a house in southern London, which was actually a regular basement. She tried to make it more spacious, lighter and more comfortable. And she did it for a very reasonable price thanks to the design of tricks.

The entrance to the house

living room

Designer increased area due to the backyard, and now the apartment has a bedroom and a bathroom. Then she picked up the finishing room, using rich fabrics and high quality materials. She also managed to save by using design tricks and secondary commodities. The main purpose of the designer was to get rid of moisture and darkness, and the expansion of the area. Now the apartment has got rustic style, it has become a comfortable and bright. Owner: Working Woman Area: 2 Bedrooms, 2 BathroomsPlats: Fulham, South LondonDesigner: Lisette Wout by Lisette Voûte Designs

When Wout first appeared in the building, the interior interior beige color advised she wanted to add some color to make the decor happy and warm, but the room was so bright. For the walls, choose the light green color with blue-gray shade as shown here. Woot preserved the wood paneling in the rooms and laid out in the corridor, but painted them in white. This technique made the room easier and visually higher. She also painted in white, and the open fireplace and found a large plate of limestone instead of the crashed black plates. Now it looks much nicer. The only furniture hosted by the apartment was an agency she received from her grandmother. Because he apparently looked pale, Woot decided to take him to a polishing specialist, which led him to order, and now he plays the role of the coffee table.

Relaxing corner at the window

The door of the kitchen

Cute b / y agency

Most of the money spent on work builders and materials of high quality, but Wout and the hostess are largely saved. The designer, for example, found a used chest of drawers, covered it with paint, and now fits perfectly into the interior of the living room.

closed heat sink

bright kitchen

The kitchen was very old and tasteless. The designer decided to keep furniture, but had it painted. Now everything looks different. Handles on furniture and nickel crane, countertop and apron made of carraramarmor.

bedroom furnishings

The cozy bedroom is dominated by warm softcrimson and coral shades. Antique agency – is another acquisition of Woot that it costs 80 pounds. She bought it on the Internet and did not need any restoration work.

Large French windows germaximal access daylight in the bedroom. A chair by the window is the same as in the dining room. The fact that Wout acquired two chairs – one set in the bedroom and another in the corridor. If a hostess comes to the guests, it will be able to seat them. Regular fabrics cheaper than patterned, so the curtains have chosen it, and there are patterns on pillows and padding of chairs.

The combination of different fabrics

In this bedroom, the designer has a combined headboard and sofa. The gown is dressed with a soft yarn fabric and decorated with copper nails. Woot acquired bedside tables, covered it with paint experts, so it now looks vintage.

The original bed and bedside table

Bedroom the owner of the apartment has been extended sidewall. Roof tops, which lie above the bed, are reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall, which makes the room much lighter. The windows have svetomaskirovochnye dampers, which are regulated at a distance, so there is no need to stand on the bed to open or close them.

French windows open to the garden in the backyard home, so much space in the daylight. All doors and handles in the apartment have been replaced by a model with a sleek design and with brass accessories. This not only gave a sense of quality, but also allowed to buy a new apartment beautiful picture.

Wardrobe in the bedroom

The bedroom has a wardrobe mistress installed from floor to ceiling, in addition, we have laid a side of curly shelves. Cabinet changed his look, he is no longer dark, it looks friendly and enhanced convenience.

bathroom hostess

The bedroom and shower hostess were organized taking into account the expansion of the apartment area. In shower enclosures and floors Woot Carrara marble, as well as in the kitchen to give a luxurious feel. It is very easy and easy to use stone.