as odnushki do dvushku 32 square meters saint petersburg

Hur dvushku odnushki av 32 kvadratmeter i St
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Cool little interior, which is worth a look

Little, yes udalenkaya – this statement for a small description of St. Petersburg apartment. She could organize the space in a manner that appeared in the odnushke spacious changing room and a separate bedroom. What are the methods used to do this, and is it to share those who have a small home?

Interior small bathroom

quiet details
At the location of the former kitchen arranged bedrooms. the washing zone and the plate were moved into the corridor, which for a small apartment was too long and uncomfortable. The main room is slightly lower – an area closer to the door of the apartment, completely separated by a partition wall and made it a spacious wardrobe. In addition, in the main room there is a living room, dining room and kitchen.

Layout of the apartment, 32 square meters
Originally the apartment had a different layout ochodnushku was normal. Its area is 32 square meters and lives in a space of the old location of the walls was very crowded. To remedy this situation, the owners showed malogabaritki St Pete Zukkini studio. Designers decided to make a complete change immediately.

Kitchen and dining room

The interior has pleasant light shades

A small corridor

In the place of a long corridor placed the sink and electric stove

harmonic colors
This small interior is filled with a very light atmosphere. This effect was achieved through the translucent bright shades – for the walls elected ivory, furniture in the living room area has a nice heavenly color and the kitchen façades are made in white.

Glantsevye facades of kitchen furniture play on a visual expansion of the space

Semi-transparent cabinet door in the corridor supports a light atmosphere in the interior

bedroom furnishings

To load the interior room and deliver away bulky cabinets, it was decided to create a separate wardrobe. It will fit perfectly in a small apartment and no damage to the space. On the contrary, his presence saved landlords of headache in connection with the selection and deployment of storage systems. (In addition, saving the budget).

spacious closet
Overall the interior of this malgogabaritki waiting light, elegant and harmonious. Many of the techniques used here achieve can note when you make small spaces. Recently we told about another small apartment, which managed to hide all the furniture on the wall. The owner of this odnushki there was extra space for meetings with friends.