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It is absolutely amazing how a smaller apartment

20 Sqm Apartment in Stockholm with Scandinavian Design | Multi

White color in the inner malogabaritki

White is one of the most versatile full range of colors. He will never make the space smaller. But most of all, do not exaggerate when it comes to him. Today malogabaritki examples from Sweden, we look at how to make a white plate elegant and Neskuchniy.

The apartment has comfortable layout and large windows

Beautiful view from the windows of the Swedish apartment

Scandinavian designers want to work with white
The interior, as we consider today, is located in Gothenburg. The house where the apartment is located was built in 1905. Plus, this home has become a comfortable layout and three large windows facing south. The only negative, not generous designers – a small area, which equals a total of 40 square meters. This fact, on the contrary, spurred out to create the most spacious and functional interior.

Never reduce the space
Scandinavian designers carefully refer to. It can be seen in almost every Swedish interior. All light and heat deficiencies in the country. Traditionally, northerners use white and shades of many centuries ago, to somehow fill their houses with extra light. Today, however, this color is one of the most important tools in Scandinavian style.

White is considered traditional Scandinavian style
To make this small apartment designers company Alvhem (who was involved in the design and implementation of the project) has chosen white. This made it possible to conceal the true size of the room.

Excessive use of white in the inner can lead to an imbalance of space. If you exaggerate it, the room or the whole apartment would look dull, cold and sterile. In order to avoid such effect designers have decided to play with a variety of materials and decorative items.

Kitchen apron from gray glass
It also uses a variety of shades of wooden furniture and on the floor to give the interior a warm tone and soften cold white colors. For these purposes in the course of a few have black and gray elements.

White paint is dumped with warm wood, gray textiles, furniture in black and green decor

Magician has a secret: to show a spectacular space, and the audience does not understand how the focus, you must properly derive attention from the technical part. So in this interior. To conceal the true size of the apartment, designers used a lot of laconic geometric shapes. On a subconscious level, they distract people in space, from any lack of space. In addition, diamonds and zigzags can visually stretch the room.

malogabaritki Interior 40 square meters

bed closet

Example decor wall posters
The dot of the interior became white-green decor. Flowers are everywhere – freshly cut on coffee and dining table, on a work surface in the kitchen, and plants in pots on shelves, bed stools. There is also a pot in mounted plants – a practical technique for small spaces.

Green in the decor
By the way, properly picked green decor can transform an apartment into a real Eden's garden.