asymmetry mountain slopes concept a country house from ukrainian architect

Plan Bureau imagines a twin-peaked wooden house
Valley House by Plan Bureau

Valley House – Country house in the form of geometric cubes.
Ukrainian architects developed a conceptOriginal houses with geometric shapes. Unique line, similar to the outlines of the mountains, will allow housing organic looking in all terrain, and will be built in a small area.

Ukrainian responsible architect Konstantin Kuviki.
Ukrainian team of architects in the Plan BureauBureau, led by Konstantin Kuvikoy (Kostiantyn Kuvika), prepared a country house with a lightly pronounced geometric form. Create the concept of Valley House, they were inspired by the natural asymmetry of the slopes.

Wooden geometric facade.
Diagonal facade creates a visual brightnessHouse, it hides it as real size (117 square meters). But it is very spacious and functional inside the Valley House. At the bottom there will be a kitchen, dining room and living room, and on the second floor – 2 bedrooms, toilet and bathroom. Wood, used as the main building material, will provide extra comfort of the interior.

Valley House. The concept of a country house.
On one of the islands of Croatia, you can also find a free house with a non-standard architecture. The building resembles the design of stacked geometric shapes. The bright colors of the building inspire relaxation and idyllic surroundings creating a unique atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Valley House. Bedroom.
Asymmetric windows allow SolljussÄ for a long time during the day to enter the house, and the owners will be able to admire mountain peaks and endless fields, depending on where the house will be built.