At Sandra’s home

Sandra Bullock (& Baby!) Move Into a New
Sandra Bullock's Gothic Victorian mansion

Today I'm hanging out with this girl. Sandra Guerrero. Real estate broker Alvhem Interior. I'll partly take her little amazing home to an inspiring pre and postport that comes in a number of my iPad magazine this spring (take a look further), and I'm looking forward to wondering how she looks at decor, networking over " Gothenburg style "and how we now express our identity as much with our furniture as with fashion. As said. It will be a fun article. Aj praemis.

You who subscribe to the magazine will get a full report from her home, where she shows how she worked in her renovation process, but here's a tiny sneak on the bedroom for so long. If you can not stay, then her apartment is portrayed in the latest issue of Plaza Interior. But these pictures are a bit different, as said. Watch out. Because more comes

Sandra is an incredibly beautiful girl, she is also smart as few. And then she is self-catering to the whole interior carousel as well. This is not least noticeable on her wallpapers. Or what about this self-composed version of Modern Musée's tricked plan by Andy Warhol (added, should there actually be an Eames chair in one of the rooms)?

Photo: Frida Ramstedt,