My # plant curtain – Trends

I have received several questions about how to attach my plant curtain (as seen on Instagram) on our tiled kitchen wall. The trick spelled white teardrop. At least if you do not want to nail into tiles and window frames. My sister-in-law who worked in a flower shop (and more ...

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Kitchen Inspiration White Kitchen – Trends –

Kitchen Trends that are Here to Stay |

We are immediately ready for the fireplace project in our living room (will soon show pictures on the final result) and so the trip has gone to our kitchen which will be reviewed after the summer. At first, the idea was to lightenovera (change fittings, countertop and appliances) but because ...

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Reader question: What is Shaker? – Trends –

Lab Shakers: Usage and Trends | The Scientist

In the blog category Readers' Questions, I respond to interior issues at no cost (sometimes these posts are funded with advertising links, but do not forget this, since it contains only facts and links to read-only – no links). Have you stuck with the interior of a room or is ...

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Tips for the kitchen! – Trends –

The biggest kitchen design trends of 2018

I am working on a large styling job of viewing apartments in an area of ​​new rental rights built in Gothenburg. It's healthy. Not least because I have to constantly compromise on the existing interior choices already made. Marble worktops in the kitchen are immensely trendy right now, but it ...

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My new favorite spot – Trends –

The Most Unusual Event Trends Around the World

When we renovated the kitchen this spring we exchanged two of the chairs around the dining table against a long bench. I'd honestly admit that I was a little worried if that idea would work in practice (some things are just fine in mind and not so functional in everyday ...

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Kitchen Still Life – Trends –

Introducing Kitchen Trends u2013 a New Book by

After many, though, we eventually chose a black kitchen to balance the crispy walls and the bright daylight flow in the Spinneriet room. A white simply did not work, because it needed some weight and balance. And since I rent (do not own) the premises, I would not dated the ...

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My last purchase – Trends –

Internet Trends Report 2018

Do you remember that I was talking about how to easily wrap up wardrobes by changing the handle? Now I've done it again! Last time there were bedroom wardrobes that got a review with new brass fittings. Now it's our hall closet that got a new screw in the form ...

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