avant garde house with scales for lovers unusual

Mid-Century Modern Lovers Will Geek Out Over This
Photo by Susan Pickering Photography.

Casa Acantilado – a mansion with sparkling mountains.
On a hillside in the picturesque Granada (Spain) There was no less spectacular avant-garde house. It resembles something amazing with shiny mountains, yet it is equipped with the latest technology. This building is perfect for eccentric personality, used to stand out from the crowd.

Architectural projects of the Spanish Office GilBartolome Arquitectos.
Architectural Agency GilBartolome ArquitectosIt has carried out a targeted mansion Casa Acantilado, located on the coast of Granada (Spain). The hosts wanted construction was unsafe and something common with mountain and ocean theme. In view of this fact, the architects have created a curly shape of the house and façade, reminiscent of something with scales sparkling in the sun.

The house is at an angle of 42 degrees.
In fact, the house is perfectly enrolled in a complex mountainous area at an angle of 42 degrees. With this in mind, the internal layout is made by two-level. Special technology built curly ceilings with galvanized sheet metal, cost owners are much cheaper than conventional saddle roofs.

Casa Acantilado. The unusual thanks.

Casa Acantilado – house in a hilly area.
Not as avant-garde, but no less interesting house, integrated into the landscape, located in Switzerland. This house is almost completely dug in the green hill.

Casa Acantilado. Pool.
Equally impressive has turned the pool. Who wants to take a refreshing dip can jump into it right from the room. In addition, the view from the surrounding area promotes further relaxation. Due to the fact that the house is integrated into a hill, the temperature in the rooms is almost always 20 degrees.