bachelor bedroom 9 interiors for real men

15 Masculine Bachelor Bedroom Ideas | Home Design And Interior

Bedroom with a male character

What should the room of this man be? What do you need to think about doing interior decoration, which will live a candidate? To understand this, we have learned a lot of men's bedrooms, and found many interesting things.

ceiling bedroom
To create space male character-factual use of textured wood. In this small ceiling boards capped part sloping roofs, which emphasizes the high ceiling area. Then we managed to create the effect of the airspace. Strengthen its structure in the ceiling fixtures. To soften the disproportionate space, open shelves are high and placed on the table poster on the square.

Corner Storage – a good idea for a small room
Young and ambitious men like fat solutions. One of these is suspended bed. This option is good in cramped malogabaritki and studio apartments. The bed in the bedroom equipped with a lamp, which is attached to the bottom. In the raised position the bed serves more the role of the main light source. And at night, when the bed is lowered, lighting becomes more intimate and creates a chamber environment.

Elegant for men's bedroom
Minimalistic design, simple colors, maximum usability – these are the characteristics of the ideal masculine bedroom. The combination of white and black colors is considered to be one of the most suitable for candidate rooms. The binders can be selected color shades of natural wood and a small amount of beige. This will make the interior more elegant men. For such rooms suitable laconic furniture and fixtures, the placement of which can be adjusted in a movement.

Bright color accents
A more dynamic and interesting strict male interior is made of bright spots. Harmonically will see shades of blue and green, they can be combined with each other. In a small space, decorated in dark colors will look good transparent furniture. Do not be wrong with the presence of mirrors and shiny surfaces.

elegant minimalism
Blank, dark furniture, a maximum daylight – the interior is very simple and intuitive. In one man's comfortable and very elegant. Soft high bedspread allows the owner of the room to spend the evening with your favorite literature. In a comfortable chair to relax and enjoy the view from the big windows. But the richness of the material that does not bother: in the bed velvet blanket, knitted pillows, bed of unusual design, and the bed itself is dressed with yarn fabric.

For a man who loves movement will approach the dynamic interior. To create the need to use bold elements, geometric shapes, unusual decoration. In this bedroom we have focused on the floor, which is already represented by the oily character of the owner. Leather, fur, wood – without a male interior would not be harmonious. Take note of the mirror cell and posters with the image of the bike. They also work to create dynamics in a small space.

Fat inner bachelor bedroom

Bedroom in gray quite widespread solution for male bedrooms. Another thing – making a gray interior interesting and unusual. In this bedroom this effect has been achieved through a non-standard placement of open shelves. It is equipped with color slings and top decorated large poster. Non-standard solution, which does not all agree.