barn mansion rustic style

This Extraordinary Barn Mansion Will Make You Want
This Extraordinary Barn Mansion Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags for Utah

Children – a large manor house in rustic style.
In Orem (Utah) set up for Sale original mansion. From the outside it looks like a big barn, but it's worth a look inside, and the first impression of "simple" houses changes dramatically.

Living area of ​​2043 square meters. meter.
House The Barn (translated to English words "Children") is simply huge, with an area of ​​2043 square meters. When you enter the eyes immediately catch countless arched wooden roofs from the high ceiling, t. Till. The house is almost no walls.

Children. Living room.

Children. Kitchen.
Children have a 9 bedroom, 20 bathroom, dining room, kitchen, 2 library, home mini-theater, gym, garage. On each floor there is a spacious living room. It is worth noting that the decor is not saturated, but the overall design of this is not lost. Expensive furniture, natural materials give the house a special charm.

Children. Bathroom.

Children. Cinema.
Rustic style is very popular in recent years. London Architectural Studio Liddicoat & Goldhill has completed the work on the reconstruction of A / S barn of the 18th century and transforms it into a large house.

Children. Second С "tazh.

Children. Bedroom.
The house The Barn showed up to now. Earlier owners ask for $ 19 million. The price also includes land area 8 hectares of fruit grove, garden, pool, pond, boarding houses and other associated places.