bath screens 17 great ideas how give tub new elegant look

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Modern design ideas bath.
Bathroom design – an important and all-purpose. After all, here you have to take into account all shades of correct layout and do not miss anything. The screen in this case – a rather universal thing, it is not only decorative but also functional solution. And we have 17 inspiring examples that are definitely worth investigating, if you want to change something in the bathroom.

Mirror the screen under the bath.
Attractive design for the bathroom mirror allows visually enlarge the area in the bathroom.

Shine light wood.
Stylish screen light wood can freshen up the interior of the bathroom.

Bath the pallet.
Elegant catwalk dark wood makes the bath more comfortable.

Stone finishing.
Luxury stone finishing bath.

Facing tile.
Original tiled surface will enchant any bathroom.

Stone bath screens.
Stone screen will be an absolutely magnificent decoration for any bath.

Screen with folding panels.
Stylish and functional screen of folding plastic panels.

The original screen with backlight.
Carved amazing screen with backlight, which will be a unique decoration in the bathroom.

The original stage of building slabs.
Solid construction of building panels and tiles.

Unusual screen with photo prints.

The screen with photo prints becomes an original and attractive design bath.

Wooden screen.

Screen made of wood fits perfectly into the interior bright bathroom.

The concrete design of the bath has long been one of the fashion trends in the interior.

Screen with imitation stones.
Shade, stylized natural stone is laid on the toilet a little bohemian elegance.

Well, to start repairing the bathroom is recommended with the most important steps: basic measurements.

stone and glass design.
The amazing design of artificial stone and glass.