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Bath rooms are beautiful when you have used creativity in fixation of their products, furniture and fixtures. However, color of bath room plays important role to enhance the grace of bath rooms. Your friends are going to praise when you use different color schemes. There are various color schemes and ways you can apply color schemes. There are many corners in bath room according to facility.

Bath Tub:
The bath tubs are attractive for modern bath room lovers. More and more facilities affixed with the bath tubs will make it more attractive for the young generations. If the tiles color is white or cream color and you will buy the same color bath tub than the background wall should have dark shed paint like dark green or blue purple sheds. This color scheme will make you easily see the facilities especially in larger facilities. The dark background paint colors will raise the light color tubs and you are going to enjoy daily bath and feel proud of your choice.

Bath Shower Corner:
If you have small bath or large bath room, make sure that shower facility is separated from all other facilities. This can be done through glass wall or fiber glass. However, when it is separated, you can have different wall color as compared to rest of the bath room. Even, tile color can be different. It is recommended that the shower point should have light color tiles and wall color so that entire corner is visible to you. However, the shelves should be darker where you can keep your soap, shampoo, perfumes, etc.

Vanity Corner:
The vanities are used to store many bath room items like daily used material and cosmetic products. However, they can enhance beauty of you bath room with their designs and color schemes. If the bath room has light color tiles and wall paint, the color of vanity should be darker like the dark brown wooden sheds and dark grey. You can use the light colored cabinet hooks to highlight the hooks and you could see them from larger distance. There is grace and beauty in simple thinking.

Whether which color you use for the bath rooms, the lightening should be installed properly. Golden and silver white color bulbs may be used. These bulbs should not be high voltage, otherwise it would pinch into the eyes of the users. Every facility should have different light.