Bathroom corner cabinets are functional as well as Daonanba Style B Highly Functional Corner Cabinet
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A tall cabinet usually rectangular in shape that fits snuggly in tight or small corners is called a bathroom corner cabinet. This corner cabinet is perfect for small as well as large bathrooms, shower rooms or cloak rooms. You can thus save space in the bathroom by installing corner cabinets that are ideal for designer bathrooms.

Materials for Bathroom Corner Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are made from good quality steel that are finished with polished steel. Such corner cabinets have a single door with hinges that are close together. There can be two or three shelves depending on the size of the cabinet to keep your towels, lotions and other essentials. The door is watertight and sealed to minimize damage from moisture. The door is usually incorporated with a mirror that covers the full length of the cabinet. These mirrored cabinets easily fit the bathroom walls with the help of pre-drilled holes or any other alternative fittings. Bathroom cabinets are also made of durable and strong hardwood and the more affordable ones are made of acrylic and plastic, but these are not as durable like the steel and wooden ones.

Types of Corner Cabinets

There are a large variety of corner cabinets in all sizes, shapes and designs, so you are sure to get one that will suit and fit your bathroom. In fact you can get a cabinet size that suits your bathroom corner and fits exactly. The polish and color of the cabinet should complement the bathroom. To avoid scratches and stains you need to get a coating or polish for the cabinet. Instead of free standing cabinets that are installed on the floor, there are many types of wall mounted cabinets too. These cabinets have a hinged door with magnetic catches that is very convenient to open and close. Another cabinet is the recessed or surface mount bathroom medicine cabinet with a simple yet stylish frameless beveled mirror that can be installed in even small spaces. You can even place an attractive artifact or a small green plant on the top open shelf of the cabinet which will add a little decorative element to your bathroom. Plants definitely add a little freshness wherever they are placed.

Make the most of the space available even in the corner of the bathroom by making a mirrored cabinet so you can maximize storage in the smallest of spaces.