Bathroom decor ideas


If we go by the famous quote by Alicia Keys, “If I want to be alone, someplace I can read, I can write, I can pray, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom,” I am sure we all love our bathrooms, which is our ultimate place of relaxation and contemplation. We want it to be chic, organised and decorative. There are beautiful ideas out there about decorating ones bathroom. So much so, that it becomes difficult to decide the best. To make that job easier, we tried to compile some simple Bathroom decor  key points, which can add a niche to your restroom. 102

Introduce fun :

You can play around with the bathroom decors and induce some fun in your bathroom. If you have a empty wall beside the vanity, try to frame a old advertisement poster, which has a similar theme as your bathroom. Just to explain the idea…..if you have a bathroom with interior tiles and paint, coloured sea green or light blue, you can try and find a vintage poster, which has a man relaxing on the beach and captioned relax and re-enegise. Since this is a splash of contrast on your otherwise subtle bathroom wall, it will create lot of interest. 96

Create a window to the outworld :

This is a fabulous idea to induce some freshness in the bathroom, by creating a faux window with a view. If your bathroom lacks a real naural light source, in the form of a window, chose a small wall. Here you can fix a big poster, like the size of a window, which depicts a window view of a landscape of maybe a cherry blossam tree’ branches. Frame it with elements similar to a conventional window. for the lighting, one can put blue or white neon strips hidden behind the frame. That can illuminate the picture and recreate daylight. At night the light can turn yellowish and can add an extra aura to your restroom. 110

Picture shelfs & huge artpieces :

Fix a couple of narrow picture shelves on a wall, maybe like a step and use it to place some small showpieces or small texture frames, which goes well with the existing theme of the bathroom. Grouping objects in odd numbers gives a good show. You can also use some lower shelves to keep rolled hand towels. It looks great.

Don’t be afraid of big show pieces, especially if they can be hanged. This is because, if you have a big empty wall in your bathroom, you can display an oversize antique wall hanging showpiece, like a huge oyster shell, painting the wall with a similar but lighter shade of the showpiece. That would balance the bare wall very well.