bathroom design orange

Orange Bathroom Designs

Blend the flowers, popular in the decoration of the apartments, orange does not appear. In fact, painted this active, "sun" color big room, for example, will have a very exciting action.

Another thing – small room. For example, on the toilet in orange in the morning could take a positive for the whole day. It will help wake up "sonyam" and ask optimistic most infamous melancholy.

Design Orange bathrooms can be very important, unusual, memorable, and will fully express your personality and show an original method of solving the problem of registration of the apartment.

The design makes the orange bathroom-like shades of a color combination of its white and makes small inclusions dark tones. Since orange – very active, it is not necessary to use more than two or three color combinations. For example, in the bathroom in orange color would be suitable white ceilings and wooden furniture, gold accessories or metallic shades.

It is possible and completely refrain from tiling – decorative walls make easier and cheaper water resistant panels. In addition, these panels can be painted in any color, as you just want, and very precisely find the right shade. Very interesting solution – ceiling, you can do "sun" – bright orange.