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Purple is an extremely energetic color. Love this purple bathroom inspiration.

Purple color – the color of enlightenment, spiritual perfection, harmony. Bathroom in purple tones will not only relax in the soothing atmosphere after a hard day's work, but also to create an exclusive interior that can reflect the personality of the owners.

Purple can be used in any style, but often the color used in modern, classic, pop art, in the eastern direction.

Purple is rich in shades and successful combination of other colors. The most classic combinations – white, gold, gray, blue and different shades of these colors. Unusual and impressive combination of appearance purple to green. It softens and gives natural purple cream and ivory.

The design of the bathroom lilac tone in the room can be used on walls, furniture facades, as well as in plumbing applications.

Bathroom lilies will shine well when used in finishing of different brightness and saturation of color only shades, and as an extra green choose for example decorate room plants, green hang towels, put a "herbal" mat.

Different finishes with purple, some special rules do not follow the general design guidelines:

Especially look beautiful purple plumbing, especially if it's dark, rich tones and lies on the background bright walls. If out for bathroom furniture with rich violet facade, the walls should be light and they can be either contrasting or monochromatic.

Accessories – fine grinding create each interior. And this is especially important for an unusual, exclusive project. Bathroom accessories in purple tones are selected according to the following rules:

Designers also remember some of the secrets of the perfect interior with purple tones: