bathroom design white color 10 sq m

Narrow bathroom benefits from shower window to break up the space and provide fresh air.

The design of the bathroom 10 square meters. m. It formed white. Start date must be positive, and its end – calm and relaxed, and white as well as possibly contribute to the bathroom these tasks. The interior was elegant and harmonious.

Bathroom in white looks more and more spacious due to the fact that storage systems are very smart, and without taking up much space, but can keep everything you need. On a white background, visual space expands and acts as the core of the structure of wooden floors, furniture in detail draws very clearly and serves as a decorative element.

The design of the bathroom 10 square meters. m. also used accentual black. He – like a black dot at the end of the white sheet, full style composition in the room, play in the apartment part of the SPA center: here you can relax from today's work, relax and think about the plans for tomorrow. Places in the bathroom in white enough to accommodate, if needed, table massage needed for complete relaxation.

Pipes hidden in a decorative box, the top of which was the shelf, and solid lights and decorative painting, animating the interior. Under the skins, their drawers found for towels and shampoos, creams and other cosmetics are hidden in a cupboard behind mirror doors.

The design of the bathroom 10 square meters. m. There are several lighting systems that can be combined according to mood: the upper main light is complemented by lamps in a large mirror. Light on the shelf is also one of the general lighting components, giving the room a special comfort and warmth.