Bathroom organizer- a systematic way for decluttering

Bathroom Organization Ideas

There can be different types of bathroom organizers varying in the nature of their use and location. Some of these include:

  • Built in Shelves

One of the most productive ways of dealing with the clutter of bathroom is to efficiently choose for the location and nature of shelves in the bathroom. It will not only keep the toiletries safe and dry but will add a stylish look to the bathroom. The shelves near tubs and sinks need to be made up of some material which can keep the supplies dry. Moreover, it will not make you fall a victim of excessive decluttering every day, because everything will have one specific “home”, so the chances of cluttering are diminished.

  • Mesh Bags

Mesh bags specifically a great solution for all those who use more than one skin care product, so that a single soap dish is not enough for them. Organizing your bathroom supplies in a mesh bag is always useful for keeping gels, hair sprays, lotion and after shaves. The material of these bags is supportive for keeping the things dry.

  • Magazine Racks

Many of us enjoy reading while being in bathroom, relaxing on toilet or in bath tub. Keep the reading material organized by having a separate cabinet for papers, so that you may not get them wet. You can add these cabinets to doors or walls, so that other bathroom organizers can find accurate place. Make sure that the racks for magazines are kept high so that they may not get caught by the moisture.

  • Double Vanity

It is the best organizer especially in case of shared bathrooms so that everyone can get enough space for his or her belongings and the chances of cluttering are diminished to minimum. It ensures the doubling of storage space and hence proves to be a productive solution. In case of small space of bathroom you have to fix the double vanity with greater precision.

  • Towel Racks

These are towel storage spaces, other than that for regularly used towels. You can keep all the extra towels and those specified for guess in this rack. Fresh towels in this case will remain secure at a proper place. Moreover if you have towels of different colors it can add colorful look to you bathroom. Make sure you do not dump wet towels in this rack. Wet towels must be placed on towel bar to get dried.

Apart from these you can also add customized bathroom organizers, as per your individual and family needs.