Bathroom speakers- luxurious entry in bathroom accessories

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Just as the interest of people in adornment of their bathrooms is increasing, the manufacturers are making innovative additions to the bathroom fixtures and gadgets. It has added a luxurious feel to the bathrooms making it a deluxe experience. One of these new additions which may be astonishing to many of you includes bathroom speakers.

Remodel you bathroom with speakers:

Manufacturers are now adding specific digital speaker systems for various purposes which are resistant for heat and moisture, which is usually a common element of bathroom environment. If you are also considering for remodeling of your bathroom, you can have many different options, involving speakers and sound system, as mentioned below.

  • Mirror Music

You can fix built in speakers and then connect with the MP3 players in such a way that your mirror will appear like a music mirror. The stores dealing in musical mirrors ensure that these speakers are highly water proof.

  • Underwater Sounds

For an entirely soothing experience the innovative bathtubs are in market, with sound systems that produce sound waves made through water, so that when you will start the bath you will get musical sounds.  These come with an option of inbuilt tones along with an option to connect with digital interface to add music of your choice.

  • Commode Lid Music

Special types of speakers are available which will play some music when the lid of the commode is up. This set of speaker fixes on the top of commode and has inbuilt music system or even customized options.

  • Ceiling fixed speakers

Built-in stereos are now common for fixing in the whole house, but to your surprise now you can connect your bathroom with this stereo system. In this renovation plan you can get the ceiling speakers, which are specifically made for bathrooms. Join together the system with a DVD, cable, or TV, so that you can enjoy your favorite sounds. These speakers also come with a setting of two channels so that every family member can listen to customized sound.  These speakers come with waterproof remotes so that you can control the sounds while being in the bathroom.

  • Toilet Paper Holder with speakers

It appears like an MP3 dock having a toilet paper dispenser. The system has moisture and heat resistant speakers in order to ensure smooth working.

Just as the latest trends are entering into the sanitary industries, Bathroom speakers are gaining more and more fame, so that you can make this experience a luxurious one.