beauty wood main trends you need to know going for parket

2019 Kitchen Flooring Trends: 20+ Flooring Ideas for the Perfect

Parquet main trends during the year

Parquet has been and is still one of the highest quality and beautiful floor views. Although it is wood, manage to change its colors and designs, today also learned to change the pattern. What parquet is it in the courage to decorate interiors this year?

Modet floor 2016

Parquet ashy hat

Elegant light parquet
Still relevant light-floor coatings. It is known that such flooring has the opportunity to visually enlarge the interior and create a nice atmosphere. It automatically facilitates space. Fashionable wide palette of the year – coffee with milk, ivory, light soda. Relevant such parquet is minimalist, Scandinavian and modern decor. It's also a good idea it will showcase in Provence and classic style.

dark consistency
No matter how popular light wood it is, it makes it untouched from the construction market dark wood with rich texture and texture. Such floors can be used as accents and decorate them tastefully decorated rooms or living rooms. Paul's plan looks presentable and elegant.

parquet rustic

beautiful parquet

beautiful floor

Parquet, date 2016

If the grain goes out of style
Whatever option does not lose a choice, it is worth remembering the basic rules for repair. There are tips that you need to know everyone who will do the repair.