bed in apartment 7 20 charming ideas and examples

Sleeping in odnushke

Most odnushek does not cover the area. Usually, a small space is required to place several functional areas – dining room, living room, bedroom and kitchen sometimes with a home office. In such a situation it was difficult – to find a place for the bedroom, where they could retire and relax.

Fabric It is better to choose light and light

Perfect solution for small apartment

Sleeper for the curtain
The easiest and cheapest way to insulate the bed – to hide it behind a curtain. For this purpose, it is best to choose a simple lightweight fabric without décor. Then a small space to visually be airier and not messy. It is important to assemble the same, not bulky and not paying attention.

glass wall
Sometimes the curtain is not enough to create the atmosphere. In this case, help the glass wall. It helps to maintain the visual integrity of the space, but at the same time, allows for integrity. In addition, it is possible to fix the curtain to anytime of the day in the bedroom area was easy to create a private and safe atmosphere.

Glass wall does not break the visual integrity of the interior

Mini-bedroom behind glass

Shelves as partition

Good zone element that transmits light

partitions of plasterboard

wood partition

Improvised bedrooms can be arranged in a niche. Certain designers often construct such structures made of plywood, which are now very popular in interior design. It allows you to create a fully-featured mini-bedroom, where you can relax fully. Mainly well-designed lighting in the area. It is better to use built-in lighting and lamps.

A bed in a niche

Plywood is very popular today

niche plywood

Pull-out bed in the pallet

Ideal for small apartments

If malogabaritki high ceilings, it is it allows you to do the second level and place it on the bed. Below you can arrange a dressing room, equipped with an office, or to put a sofa for reception guests.

Sleeping loft

Downstairs living room is located

Yes, when the apartment is high

At the bottom there is a place for dressing
One of the clearest examples of the bed-room apartment on the wind is malogabaritki, an area of ​​21 square meters. In its interior, there are many other techniques that can help to work properly with a small space.