block construction houses from shipping containers

Modular Construction: Shipping Container Architecture
Detroit appears to be another up and coming hotbed for shipping container architecture construction. Trumbull Squared is a three story condominium complex

House of cargo containers has increased unbelievable popularity in the west. But in India, they first appeared in 2011. Then a sports instructor Kameshvari Rao built his unusual house in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore. According to him, the first house in the reservoir, built in India.

House consists of four containers, I put one on the other in the form of "L". There is enough room for all the needs of the Rao family. In a container, living room is placed in another – in the office, in the remaining two-bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Small creative author details make this house unique: the wheels on the trolleys from the window, which use bottles and the shell of the old chimney from the truck. Even such a detail as the outgoing door gives extra space on the floor.

When Rao just started the block construction home, his idea was so innovative that no one seriously thought that something could happen. It was thought that metal containers are not suitable for housing construction in the climatic conditions of the region, and neighbors Rao thought it would be impossible to be in the summer heat and winter cold.