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Floral accent

Stunning examples of the vertical placement of plants.
The green area of ​​the apartment house and want, maybe everyone. But the traditional flower pots on windowsill today seem somewhat patriarchal and the space they take up a lot. And our survey gathered the most original idea to place potted plants in the interior.

Plants in the water pipeline.
Plants in metal water pipes, painted with gold color.

Clay pots are irregularly shaped.
Simple, unobtrusive leather pots attached to the wall, perfect for cultivation of twisted and hanging plants.

Suspended porcelain vases in the form of eggs.
Elegant hanging pots of porcelain are ideal for growing small plants.

Flat planting plants for plants.
Elegant black plantation owners looking like plates, vertical cultivation of flowers and plants.

Miniature pots in the form of wildlife.
Curious wall vases in the form of wildlife are ideal for growing succulents or other minivans.

Suspended florariumy with living plants will be a unique home decoration.

The plant is in a wooden frame.
Epiphytic, beautifully mounted in a wooden frame wire.

Plants on a wooden substrate.
Fantastic wall composition of wood and living plants.

Stunning picture of cameos, fresh flowers and plants.

Live plants on a vertical panel.

Amazing fitostena of moss and succulents, which will beautify and refresh the interior of the room.

Plants in a wooden box.
Wooden boxes with plants will be healthy and unusual solution for apartments, where there is little furniture, plenty of space and light.

Cannons with plants.
Decorative wooden box with plants in small cans becomes the original decor for the kitchen.

The vertical mini-garden.
Modern vertical mini garden, consisting of a grid and some small pots with plants.

Modular pots geometry.
Modular pots, where you can make your own original compositions, will be an excellent decoration of the walls.

Vertical metal plants.
Unusual vertical plants, consisting of steel plate and a small pot.

Hanging pots in decorative boxes.
An interesting solution in a spirit of fashion trends – hanging pots with plants hidden in a decorative wooden box.

Vases of shell.
Graceful vases of great shells help fresh inside of a city apartment.