brick facades photos advantages and disadvantages

Cladding Vs Brick Vs Rendering For Exterior Walls

Each house in any way reflects the character of its owner. Beautiful brick facades are typical of these homes whose owners are practical, choose a classic elegance, and have excellent taste.

Design brick houses can be held in almost any architectural style – from traditional classic to popular new loft.

Freemasonry is resistant to weather changes, temperature fluctuations and atmospheric precipitation. Brick is resistant to mechanical stress, never goes out of fashion. Another advantage of brick – the ability to choose a surface material of any color, thereby getting the facade of the style you want.

By color, you can change the visual impression of the structure. For example, to make a massive building easier it can put light sand brick.

The house of a white stone under a black or dark gray roof looks modern and minimalist.

Beautiful brick façades in traditional style are obtained from brick and brown shades. Houses, decorated in such a way that reminds of the estate of the past centuries, giving rise to a sense of calm and comfort.

The design of the brick house is often used by a combination of different shades of bricks. For example, the walls are bricks like lights and angles and frames of doors and windows – darker.

Another common decorative technique – use for finishing textured brick. This method makes it possible to create real architectural masterpieces in simple and affordable ways.

Facades of brick houses are durable, durability, appealing appearance. But this is just a part of the benefits offered by bricks when building a house. In addition, brick trim has the following advantages: