brickwork in interior 5 tips for maintenance and painting

How To Faux Brick Wall - 5 ways
faux brick wall interior

Masonry in the interior

Masonry has a special charm. It makes references to history, defines the character of the room and makes it internal to the solid. Today, everything is in Scandinavia, the village and the loft spaces. Like a cool brick wall than its color and how to take care of it?

In the kitchen, a brick wall can visualize work and dining area. In the bedroom, about accent for the role of the walls, as well as in the living room. It is also interesting to deprive a brick fragment, for example in the niches.

Tile in the interior of a bedroom
Uncoated coarse surface with light-textured, perfect interior ally in loft style. Accurate and even brick wall of red color will be relevant in the kitchen made in traditional style. But brick painted in white – a privilege of Scandinavian interiors, but today this option is often found in the loft.

Masonry in the interior of the living room

beautiful masonry

Brick wall in the interior
Naked walls are carried out without hurry, chop small pieces of plaster, so as not to damage the surface. It is best to use this chisel and hammer. First, you must check the quality of bricks: if it is not sprinkled, have a good texture, lack of cracks on it, which means to clean the wall there. When removing the patch, clean the surface with a steel brush. In addition, the wall should be washed with warm water with a clean cloth. After drying on the wall, applied sealant remains.

Brick wall in the interior of the bathroom
Brick wall tax to take care of. Periodically, it must be checked for cracks that may occur in the masonry joint solution. If someone is detected, they are easy to treat with a special sealant.

If you want to increase the beauty of saturdayyyans, it can be covered with bricklaying oil or acrylic parquet akvalakom. This will not only maintain the aesthetic properties of the surface, but also to reinforce it and prevent further contamination.

Red brick in the interior

Naked and brick wall in the living room

Learn to paint brick wall, remember that to remove the paint from the surface it's virtually impossible. After about five years, it will be necessary to update paint or paint the walls, as during this time, it may lose an appealing appearance.

White brick wall in the interior

painted masonry

Brick wall in the interior of the kitchen

Working with bricks needs to keep in mind some important points: • Fresh brick wall will be ready to paint only one year after installation. • Paint bricks should be horizontal, preferably a brush to paint over all bumps well. • If you are exposed to masonry needs to wear special glasses and respiratory protection against dust, cover the floor and windows of special movies, and all furniture to make the room. The life of painted wall is equal to five years, when you need to paint it again.

Stylish brick wall

Brick wall in the kitchen

Brick wall in Scandinavian
Accent masonry can be surrounded by painted walls or choose to have wallpaper with an interesting pattern. We found the pros and cons of the most popular types.