bright christmas decoration how to decorate the house for new year

New Years Eve party of two friends on
New Years Eve party of two friends on festive evening in bright living room with festive

Christmas weekend is approaching, so it's time to think about how to highlight the amazing and mysterious atmosphere of the last night of the year.

2017 – the year in which Fire Rooster, Soex experts recommend how to create a more vibrant and memorable New Year's interior in 2017, do not touch small details and accessories and try to realize the highest innovative ideas in the design.

See pictures, how to decorate the house for the new year 2017 with their own hands – and start exercising.

About the former main key link New Year decoration was considered a tree, but now drive properly in a suitable room style each zone, so we picked up some ideas to help you create a stylish and vibrant style without causing inconsistencies in the construction.

In the New Year's interior a variety of colors are allowed, shapes, textures, design themes.

Emphasize the festive atmosphere of the interior accessory Glitter, shiny shimmering, mirrored texture, bright colors and thematic patterns on the theme of winter and new year. We do not recommend using a large number of shades even if the values ​​2017 and love all the bright and shiny, granniness of the interior is not allowed.

For fear of an imbalance in different shades of many, they prefer to distinguish the interior of the new year in one color. The best thing is that there are two or three colors in the subject: so your room does not look boring, but will not cause conflicts associated with the presence of many shades.

Christmas tree and other parts of the interior in 2017 better to do with the help of big balls and toys: small jewelry suitable only if you plan to put small Christmas trees or wreaths to create walls and doors.

On New Year's Holidays, valued accessories will be appreciated, so take the time to create the sweet toys and ornaments with your family. They can be used as part of party decoration or as gifts for guests on New Year's Night.

Do not forget about the most important colors in 2017: This time, dominant design in the new year should be a red, orange, green, yellow and blue tones. Red make a big – based on planning features, the size of the room, its lighting and shades of festive decor.

2017, not without the symbol itself: let toys in the form of men and women decorate your Christmas tree or individual shelves, and there are themes drawings on napkins, candles, tablecloths.

Use the decoration of nuts and fruits. They can participate in the creation of many interesting decorative elements: wreaths, toys, wreaths, topiary, candles, holiday songs on the table.

It may be that exciting home decor ideas for the new year will be born already in the process of decorating the room.

Decide on the colors to be used in the design: it is desirable that the colors include trees and candles, and bright colors that will balance each other.

Christmas tree 2017 years of Fire Rooster It should be bright, but the brightness must be carried out not only in different shades, but also in different forms of jewelry. So think through a combination of features in toys and other accessories: fur-tree can be placed on balls of blanket toys, candy, snowflakes, wreaths, rain and other decorations.

The Council: Home Decorations for the New Year with their hands can make improvised: For example, as an accessory for Christmas trees, cards, coins, cakes, ribbons, homemade toys made of cardboard, plastic, wire and other materials fit cards.

A good design is considered to be in line with Christmas-tree transitions between shapes and shades: big toys colorful flowers hang down – gradually reducing in size and becoming a lighter tone.