bright ideas transform bath 7 cool ideas that are worth looking

Bright and cool ideas for the bathroom

How to spice up the interior of the bathroom, makes it light and easy for some money? To do this, there are plenty of tricks, and we chose the best of them. They will help to change the bathroom regardless of size and configuration, and the important thing is that it does not need expensive interior items.

creative holders
Conventional hooks for towels and looking bored. The right placement is also possible using vinyl stickers. If we approach the matter with humor and creativity, you can turn ordinary proprietors into the branches "in the tree."

calm fish
When the interior of the bathroom seems monotonous, but creatively it does not want to change, the support will come in the form of vinyl stickers fun fish. They can be decorated with a mirror, a door or a place in the bathroom. Especially this idea will appeal to children.

The bright zigzags
If the bathroom is limited square meters, it is desirable that it participated in dynamic pressures and patterns. One of the most concise and relevant patterns – a zigzag. When he is still complemented with color, then it works even more efficiently and animates the space.

budget transformation
It often happens that there is a desire to make the repairs, and the means for its implementation are not enough. In this case, the budget will help ideas for bathroom decoration. For example, you can start with a shower curtain, and choose a model with a nice rich color dynamic pattern. For small rooms it is best a curtain with horizontal stripes. Wall shelves for storing small things can be painted in a color that will overlap with a touch of the shutter. An ugly sink is easily transformed using a decorative piece of film.

Unusual laundry basket
In the bathroom often put obstacles. With its design, you can also experiment. For example, decorate its decorative film, or at all, choose the finished model of bright colors or with unusual prints. This decoration will reduce the actual size of the room and its shortcomings.

original additive
If repair is inevitable, you should take a look at how to make a small bathroom.