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Bright apartment in Slovenia

Many dare not use bright colors idess interior, especially if the size of the apartment is small. But the apartment, where we are today, saw raster stereotypes about malogabaritki. It is a light, eccentric, and its true dimensions in short and solve – so well organized and space to beat color.

From the windows you can see the Alps

The apartment is 45 square meters
The apartment is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, at the crossing of the main historical streets. Nearby are the railway station and the old part of the city, which has a rich cultural heritage. The main bonus is the magnificent view of the city and the majestic Alps.

Laconic design and bright colors
The area of ​​†<†<the apartment does not exceed 45 square meters, but first it is difficult to determine the size. It seems to be bigger and more spacious. Perhaps because of the fact that it has a studio layout. In a room, a living room, dining room and kitchen. It also has a small area for the computer.

For simple perception of the interior, laconic and simple forms of furniture affect. Clean lines, oval shapes, natural materials – all of this affects the creation of comfort in a small space.

Although the main background color interior looks quite discreet looks bright and unusual. This is because the addition of white walls and floors is light splash of juicy color. Raznotsvete also meets us from the doorstep – there is a rack painted in the colors of the sun – yellow, orange and red. A small mirror is also placed in a light frame.

The sofa is hidden another bed

A small working space for a laptop

Make this apartment studio designers GAO architects wanted to put in a cultural taste. The first reference to it is the bright colors that speak of eccentricity and optimism slovener. The roof of the entrance hall is decorated with inscriptions in Slovenian, and in the living room on the roof, you can explore the country's railways. (Picture 1) In the bedroom, one of the walls decorated with wallpapers depicting architectural monuments, created by the famous Slovenian architect Joze Plečnik. They are once again reminded of the location of the apartment in the historic district, and also visually increase the space. It appears to be in the middle of a large area.

bed closet

The visual wall visually increase the room

bedroom furnishings
In the creation of the interior of the used furniture material from Slovenian designers and brands, to once again emphasize Slovenian contemporary flavor. Even in the bathroom there was a place for cultural heritage. Some of the walls are laid out panels that have been modeled on the traditional Slovenian frescoes on display at the Ljubljana Castle Museum.