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CPH Shelter – tax house of the containers.
Copenhagen among the most beneficial communities to live in, but they can not afford to buy real estate there. To solve this problem, on the outskirts of the city builds houses from the reservoir. The benefits of such housing are more construction time, minimal negative impact on the environment, and a relatively cheap cost.

Architectural design company CPH Containers.
The company is active in the construction of CPH Container-free houses from used transport containers known as CPH Shelter. They fully meet the requirements of the so-called "circular economy" – now a popular term used to refer to the production model, in which the amount of raw materials decreases and waste is reduced to zero.

Houses made of containers. Interior.
As already mentioned, projecting CPH Reactor Priority was to build only environmentally friendly materials. Inside the house is covered with wood, built-in air valve meets the requirements set. Modular design, if required, can easily be increased by adding additional containers.

CPH Shelter – "Houseboat on the Ground".
House of containers is often used as an excellent option for interrogation. 7 available comfortable homes worth up to $ 2000 will inspire the creation of one of these homes.

CPH Shelter. Interior.
Another important feature of a home-based developer calls their mobility. They also invented a special term for this home – .. "Houseboat on the ground", he does not want it for a reason, and on small platforms. Removing the containers home takes just a few hours.