camping comfort houses wheels ranging from 16 24 square meters

How to Calculate Your Tiny House RV Layout
Rooms common in most Tiny House RV's are the: 1). Bedroom, 2). Bathroom, 3). Great Room, 4). Kitchen 5). Storage / Closet.

Camper area of ​​just 16 square meters. meter.
Recently, very actively popularized Life in small houses on wheels. Some are in favor of such housing, requiring the greatest benefit of their mobility, while others complain about the small size of houses. One of the companies that manufactures motor homes equipped the entire village such buildings. Now, instead of doubt – buying a house or not, may be a few days to live in colorful homes in a few square meters, and then finally decided.

Tiny House Village – a town with small houses on wheels.
Near Portland (Oregon, USA) is a whole town camper Tiny House Village. It's all invited to spend a weekend in nature away from the noise of the city.

Mobile house production company Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.
Production company Tumbleweed Tiny House Company introduced five of its models. Square houses range from 16 to 24 square meters and are intended for users of three to five people respectively.

Full size kitchen bar in a small house.

Tiny House – Cottage for a weekend.
To facilitate tourists close to the houses, swimming pool, spa, pool table, games room. On the whole the territory of a wi-fi. Overnight accommodation in miniature houses will cost for everyone from 129 to 159 dollars, depending on the value of the home.

Caravan for comfortable rest.

Tiny House. Stairs – boxes of things.
Each house is made of natural materials, is equipped with all comforts, it has a single or double bed. Each model is properly used every meter of free space. For example, steps to sleeping rooms also serve as storage boxes.

Comfortable accommodation for a weekend.
Well, fans of recreational fishing will appreciate the mobile domicile clamshell, which can be placed directly on the shore of the lake.