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Robin Nest Treehouse Hotel – Eco-friendly hotel on a tree.
Inspired by stories about Robin Hood, he finally realized his dream and built tree houses. Yes, and not just a home, but the real environment hotel. Now, wishing to be one of untouched nature, and without access to the Internet can be sent to the forests of Hessen (Germany), even if you bring a tent.

Peter Becker built the hotel "Nest Robin Hood."
The young Berliner Peter Becker (Peter Becker) after several years of work behind the bar decided to carry out his long-standing Meta, and like the heroes in the story of Robin Hood, living in the woods. Within 6 months he and several friends worked to build seven small houses called Robin Nest Treehouse Hotel. Four homes are on the ground, and the other is attached to the trees.

Robin Nest Treehouse Hotel – Eco-friendly hotel in the middle of the forest.

Robin Nest Treehouse Hotel. Interior.
Needless to say, the houses are built exclusively of natural materials. Each design has electricity, wooden furniture and a heater, a mulltoa and a sink with a capacity of 5 liters. No wi-fi, so holidaymakers had a full sense of a kind of camping. Showers are located in the adjacent hotel Berlepsch Castle hotel, located 150 meters from the treehouse.

Robin Nest Treehouse Hotel. Treehouse for several travelers.

Robin Nest Treehouse Hotel – Eco-friendly hotel on a tree.
Another man is embodied in his own dream of reality – building a tree trunk. Not really one, but two tree houses, connected by a suspension bridge. Under the buildings the guy equipped the skate pool and hot tub on wood, so now all his friends are happy to come visit to relax on the weekends.