round walls in the interior

We were so pleased by buying a long-awaited apartment, yes, with the original plan, we do not think too much at first, how to deal with all this beauty. She, in turn, may well puzzle some of the features of the architecture, which gave nasty owners a deadlock. Next we ...

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pilasters in the interior

Dressing room in the final stage of the mind design creates a special atmosphere, and completeness a certain character of the room. But no less important are the decorative elements that adorn and complement the design of floors (treasures, borders), walls and openings (arcades, columns, capitals, friezes and pilasters). The ...

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how to make the room lighter

Sunlit room – perfect field for working on the inside. But not all rooms have this remarkable property. Let's look at the basic principles of light propagation and discuss, using some ways you can make the room brighter and the corresponding visually more spacious. 1. Put your room in a ...

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non standard accentuating techniques in design

Business Card Design Tips: Top Ideas for Designers

Today, it becomes an interesting and, in the first instance complex matter – unusual accents in the interior. Why difficult? Firstly, we will focus on a rather bold decision and not everyone is ready for such action. Secondly, the original and unusual accents can easily destroy the appearance of the ...

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partitions in the interior

interior partitions in vogue

We often do excessive demands on cases, people and surrounding living spaces. Given the option of buying apartments in front of the most appropriate of them, we have long wondered how well will be placed over the accumulated objects in a small area of ​​the standard one or two room ...

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de beste mobile applikationer for interiøret

The designers of architectural and design agency ALTERCASA chose five of the most useful programs that can help when decorating your space. Today, we want to share our readers with their interesting results. People who plan to change the interior of the house or icons are divided into two categories: ...

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architectural elements in interior design


Today's article is quite informative, as it contains the five most important, basic architectural elements used at any time, anywhere in the building, interior decoration and decoration of the premises. It's about "five pillar architecture" elements, but we can not imagine a decoration of homes and public buildings, but they ...

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basics of design the rule of three in decor

The Rule of Three: How This Trick Can

The grounds for harmoniously furnished space found some rules to follow designers and decorators to the interior looked balanced and aesthetically. We will reveal to you the secret of a successful decoration of all surfaces in the room, whether it's shelf rack, table console, chest of drawers or coffee table. ...

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stairs in the interior of the house

The staircase in the house – an important component of the first impression of your home. But no matter how incredible there was no beauty, still have to take care of the essentials: safety, suitability and functionality. Wrong in the design of stairs Basic errors that often allow the design ...

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basics of design golden section rule

What is the golden ratio? What you need

Even at the beginning of time people became known secretaries harmony everything that exists: the structure of plants, the human body, forms lakes and rivers, and even the smallest of seashells. This knowledge was used in the construction of the world's most famous architectural masterpieces, such as the Parthenon, Notre ...

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