how to locate sockets and switches correctly

Make Your Own Extension Board: 13 Steps (with

The question of the right place in the electrical contacts, ie the outlet and the switch, attention must be paid in time, at the stage of planning the location of the devices. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the number of large and small appliances, according to ...

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three room apartment design recent trends

The design of two bedrooms – one of the most enjoyable for the designer. Place a lot to properly arrange all the necessary items and items, but at the same time, is not big and sad from this area – cozy. In this bike, there are also articles about designer ...

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secrets of the design of narrow rooms

Photos and tips: Design secrets for small rooms

Well planned and aesthetically, of course, There can be no space, regardless of size and shape. It is only important to know some secrets and apply them in practice, if it is a complex area. For example, in the spacious living-day furniture, the walls are not, and the functional groups ...

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we store things wisely wall mounted organizers

Amazon.com: BHG Wall Mount Media Storage Rack Cd

In a neat, well-planned and well-behaved environment, it is much more convenient to live, work and play so it's so important to keep things in order and give each of them strictly designated areas. How to organize a large number of different, relevant in daily life and tasks of topics ...

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how to make a two room apartment

The Crest | Salem, VA Apartments | Floor

If your apartment is divided into two full-room rooms – this is a big success, but even better when it comes to making three meeting rooms. Today, we continue the theme of appropriate changes space two-bedroom apartments. Suppose you post in a post, actor's responsibility, and need a personal home ...

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how to choose a laminate

How to Choose the Best Laminate Floor

Selecting a laminate is not as easy as it can be seen. There are a number of shades to be aware of if you are going to buy this kind of floor. First, you need to understand classification and labeling. But let all of us in order. classes laminate Each ...

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how to choose a wall paint color

Choosing Paint Color for an Open Floor Plan

To the interior of the rooms, harmoniously, you need a good relationship between sizes, textures, shapes and colors of objects and surfaces. And if you want instead of the usual wallpaper, the walls covered with color, and then choosing the right color and saturation must give enough attention to the ...

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how to choose a ceramic tile

You have decided to make tiles and come in to choose a suitable alternative? Do not rush to make a purchase based solely on a beautiful image or texture. The aesthetic component is certainly important, but more important than the technical specifications that are responsible for the fact that the ...

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where to place the podium in the interior

Front View Empty Podium Warehouse Interior Stock Illustration

Pallet locations – have long been loved by all the decor. Usually they are not from the beginning but afterwards. That is, designed by designers, from the place of furniture and objects in the interior to the place on the pallet was something reasonable and did not create problems after ...

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how to avoid 10 mistakes in interior design

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Interior Design

Many of those who are engaged in their own design planning a house or apartment, came to the conclusion that some things did not get as they were at the beginning. We selected 10 of the most common mistakes during repair, and most importantly, show how to avoid or correct ...

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