country house scandinavian style features photos 2

Modern house with a flat roof organic It settles in the surrounding fields near the small Spanish city. The architects did not want anything to break the natural landscape, not to destroy the beautiful landscape, and this house is the best suited to their design. A simple form – a ...

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the design small houses

Apartment house, despite its size, quite spacious, and most importantly – very comfortable and functional. It seems like inside it's much more than the outside. This was at the expense of the competent planning and tactful use of the natural landscape. Residential house is small and made of wood. From ...

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country house scandinavian style features photos

Country Homes & Interiors magazine | Open plan,

House in a Scandinavian style can not accept pretentious, he always has a simple and beautiful shape, comfortable and cozy. Normally, these homes have one or two floors, no more than in this case is necessary to ensure a modern level of comfort in the room. The Scandinavian-style house shows ...

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villa with sea views koh samui 2

A house with a flat roof so organically fits into the rugged landscape of the small Scottish island, it seems as if he grew up directly from the gray rocks that lay over the ocean. Entering large panorama windows is realistic, it is for her and the construction of this ...

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the options and features design stairs private home

Chic, classic foyer features a curved staircase wall

House, detached house, duplex apartment – all of them equipped with ladders. What types of stairs in the house can use? It depends on what kind of structure is placed, which overlap in the home or apartment, the walls that support attached to the design. Sometimes it's the big staircase ...

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villa with sea views koh samui

Sea View Villa is located on Thai Koh Samui. Her complex forms and elegant looks fits remarkably perfect surrounding nature and reflect the sky calm, blue sea and golden sandy coast. Each villa on the beach found a place where it looks perfect, like a jewel in a suitable frame ...

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brick facades photos advantages and disadvantages

Cladding Vs Brick Vs Rendering For Exterior Walls

Each house in any way reflects the character of its owner. Beautiful brick facades are typical of these homes whose owners are practical, choose a classic elegance, and have excellent taste. Design brick houses can be held in almost any architectural style – from traditional classic to popular new loft. ...

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design log home exterior and interior

Log Home Interiors | Log Home Interior Gallery

Design of wooden houses from logs maintained in modern "rustic" style – light, imaginative, very comfortable and functional. Roundwork was material such as the outside and the inside of the house giving it a unique charm. On top of the house is covered with metal plates lined with stone plinth ...

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the interior a small private home a pine forest

Yurts, slugs, and life in a temperate rainforest

Country house in the pine forest is located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and is part of the Holick Sea Resort hotel complex. It is very rare and looks like thick forest as a warm island and comfort. Before this little Swedish resort served as a base for rest, just like many ...

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