lighting in the kitchen 5 top tips

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Tips | Better Homes &

To a certain extent, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment. Culinary masterpieces are created here, and here is often the dining room. Therefore, it is extremely important to create comfortable conditions in this room, which is largely due to good lighting. Lighting in the kitchen . How to ...

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how to make a room without windows tips

Work on the project home becomes very interesting if its content is full of interesting but difficult task. Designer, for example, spurts more enthusiastic to show their skills in practice simply still generate ideas interior. In addition, unusual solutions and planning specialists help to develop intuition and flapping skills, but ...

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fixtures 20 bright and nice examples

Excellent alternative for reading lamps in bed. Lamps are an effective and easy way to add light to all rooms and create a special atmosphere. This is especially noticeable in the bedroom when the lamps at the same time are easy enough to read, because being so specific to ensure ...

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how to visually increase ceilings

The problem with low ceilings, unfortunately, now it's almost in front of everyone. Standard now the 2.7 meter indicator is suitable for a comfortable existence, but we always want even more space and air. And if this can not be achieved in reality, we can at least visually achieve the ...

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how to choose the right floor lamp tips

Tips in choosing the right floor lamp shades

How do you choose the right floor lamp for your house? Today we will give you some important tips How to choose a lamp? It seems that it may be easier – choose to buy a floor lamp, but this issue should be taken seriously. Where can I find a ...

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how to arrange an empty corner in a room

How to Decorate a Corner - Odd Corner

Sometimes in the room, equipped with competent flavors, a sense of vague, especially as certain areas are scaffolded. Most often, the angles, the area that is rightly ignored during the design of the room. Today, we decided to look into possible solutions to organize the empty corners in different rooms, ...

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how to choose a wall paint color

Choosing Paint Color for an Open Floor Plan

To the interior of the rooms, harmoniously, you need a good relationship between sizes, textures, shapes and colors of objects and surfaces. And if you want instead of the usual wallpaper, the walls covered with color, and then choosing the right color and saturation must give enough attention to the ...

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18 best ideas for lighting in the house

Monumental Cb2 Pendant Lightcb2 Pendant Light Best Of

Luxurious terrace in the house with warmly hidden lighting, emphasizing the decor. At first glance, it seems like the cover – the last thing you should pay attention to doing repairs, but the mistakes in this area can turn a room into a comfortable home uncomfortable. Lighting is a very ...

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15 chic chandeliers for your dining room

Industrial Chandeliers: Great Budget Friendly Options | Diy

Beautiful dining room with a beautiful chandelier. It is known that the coverage for each of the houses should be designed according to local problems. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the light source in the dining room. It's good when a chandelier over the dining table is not ...

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40 luxurious chandeliers in industrial style

Shop Luxury Mid-Century Modern Chandelier, 24.875

40 luxurious crystal chandeliers industrial style for all occasions Chandeliers, which have proved to be an important item during the industrial revolution in factories around the world, soon received the status of original design elements that bring structure and visual contrast to the modern decor. Unlike most traditional industry elements ...

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