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Built In Wardrobes Design For Small Bedroom And
Built In Wardrobes Design For Small Bedroom And Chest Of Drawers In An Attic Room

Among a variety of structures, cabinetry so easy to choose one that is right for you, because each of us has their own storage requirements, we want to see in your home. It is only necessary to decide – what we will hold in the wardrobe, and how much space you can allocate for it.

Construction wardrobes are divided into two large groups: residential and built. Consider the benefits of both systems.

The cabinet has its own building, inside the storage system. This is a separate furniture, if needed, can be rewritten to another room in the room, and also accommodate another room. It has its own "wall", "floor" and "roof", with the front part – extension, both in the coupe doors.


Advantages: This type of wardrobe – a mobile, that is, it can be moved, if you started a repair, take you to a new apartment. Things in this cabinet will not come into contact with the walls, thus increasing their wear.


Advantages: Sliding doors are available in different sizes and capacities, but all other similar closets will be more spacious than the frames, even if they occupy the same place. This volume, which is in the karos structure occupies wall partitions, solid shelves, built-in cupboards given storage. The only thing that removes from such a wardrobe usable volume – a sliding door, but as much, they will be removed and the body system.

When any kind of pattern closets theirAnsökan is motivated: not only do they allow us to save a lot of free space of the apartment and to ensure the storage of all necessary things, but thanks to the variety of designs fits into any interior style. At the same time, it may specify the form required in your case.

And the built-in, and residential closets of its shape are usually distributed as follows:


Direct cabinets are divided into the following categories:


Typical situation – a corner of the room or the hall It is still empty – it is impossible to put the usual furniture and a useful area "lost", and the right things to stay somewhere. In this case, save the corner wardrobe, which will maximize useful volume.

Types of Corner Cabinet:

Sliding doors can be not only straight, but also the radius – they have a curved shape and are moved along the guide rails in the form of an interval. They in comparison with the rest of the unusual appearance, and can be an interesting part of decoration in almost every interior style – the options are limited only by your imagination. They have one, but significant disadvantage – the high price associated with the need to manufacture doors and direct them to special order in each case.